Who is Shatta mufassa? [Profiling]

Who is Shatta mufassa? [Profiling]
11/01/2018 No Comments Article,Entertainment Megamind

I am Ayuba Yakubu, stage name “Shatta mufassa“. Hails  from Gombe state Nigeria, I got the name shatta from my favorite kalangu musician well known in the northern Nigeria as mamman Shatta and mufassa from the Lion King animation.

“I have an obsession for lions”. I was born in Kano Nigeria and I am 25 years old,

I am currently working on an extended play titled “African good fella” user which I’ve recorded the song of life #KGF (kpako good fella) and #how u teckeno  and an album project which can not be titled now, but I have two hit songs under it #Black girl and #Eyes on me coupled with other songs like #Bumaye and keepitah k are singles and might be featured on the album.

Also just to let you know, C.C.S.OM.Nation is an empire in the making. M-nation was initiated by Shatta mufassa in 2016 and is now on its way to becoming a record label. “Cautious Cat State of Mufassa Nation” is the full meaning. To make this dream come true, we have alliances with movements like Crazytunez, SBGJusTrendy Ent, Flipside Ent, Flyboy Ent, GMU Ent, Freelance Ent, GFE and lots more.

M-nation is an Abuja based movement with four great artists under lined up to take the world by surprise…

For more details Contact:

Facebook: Shatta mufassa

Instagram:  @shatta mufassa

Twitter: @Shatta mufassa
Facebook fan page: M.nation

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