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For a perfect tranquility, the evolvement and advancing of Information and communication technology has been a lousy momentum driving the Economy of developed and developing nations across the globe. Here comes the next generation technology tagged “ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE” also known as robot age, which is usually defined as the science of making computers do things that required intelligence when done by humans, as well as the study of ideas that enable computers to be intelligent. In this age, the so called employed will be unemployed and the unemployed will be rendered useless and human effort will either not be needed or utility of less human effort will be required.

In the near future, we may all be unemployed. We are entering what is generally called the “second machine age” and, optimistically speaking, it may become the best thing that ever happened to the human being as well as the worst yet expected. As far back as the 1930s, British economist John Maynard Keynes coined the term “technological unemployment,” when he predicted that the displacement of workers by machines would usher in an era of shorter workweeks and increased leisure. The last century has seen a gradual decrease in working hours, from 60 hours a week in the late 19th century to 33 hours a week in the contemporary United States. Some prosperous nations, like the Netherlands and France, are doing well on 27 hours and 30 hours a week respectively.

This age is closer to you than you think, cause with the advent robot that runs basically if not all the household chores all at a press of a button, you can as well be in Abuja and operate your house appliances in Lagos, automatic cars that takes us to wherever we desire, holography phones that uses light rays, wireless television, massaging chairs, robots cooking and serving us food at the restaurant, auto piloted aircrafts, digital hover boards, automatic toothbrush and many more, that’s where technology is driving us at, we now make do human communication and connections online, we now have weddings, sales online News information and many more online in real time. Drones now do news coverage and robots do the editing and at the same sequence the information in broadcasted such that human effort is lessened, all with a perfect programmed information given to “artificial intelligence” / Robot, that knows what to do when to do and how to do it as instructed, but with all this breath taken advantages, the flaws will then basically mean we will all be lazy more time to spend been jobless than been useful to ourselves.
Am just baffled with this question that keep beeping in my head, What will be of the incoming youths that’s coming in to the labour market of the already unemployed youths???

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