Soon Come Smartphones [Tech]

Soon Come Smartphones [Tech]
21/02/2018 No Comments Menu,Menu,Trendy Tech Megamind

In recent times the evolving of the “Artificial Intelligence”  as created a boundless world of technological innovations, one of which the smart phones productions are not left out, example is the iphone X with the infrared camera, a flood illuminator, a proximity sensor, an ambient light sensor, a wireless speaker, Face ID, Portrait mode, and Animoji among others but haven’t said that, the “in coming” of the Holography smartphones is going to be breathtaking, the idea is that the screen projects 3D objects that you can view from different angles based on your physical positions and more to it, the technology works through diffraction, producing a light field illumination with a layer of nano structures added to a conventional LCD. Am sure you might have seen such in Ads and movies lately, We’ll see how the holographic vision shakes out when the phone launches Fully.

Illustration on :pic 1 and 2.

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