Precautionary measures for Covid19

Precautionary measures for Covid19
26/03/2020 No Comments Menu Megamind

Trendy people,  please in this trying times kindly adhere to all healthy precautions against contacting Corona Virus as the vaccine is yet to be available.

6ix Top facts to know

1. Weather condition above 27°C naturally kills virus.

2. Region of the world with weather condition that is far lower than 27°C stands greater risk than region with 30+°C.

3. Chloroquine has over 80% possibility of efficacy in treatment trial test, which rises the hope of the world in finding solution to treating Corona virus like common flu.

4. After America confirmation of Chloroquine as best option to go for final trial treatment test.

5. Businesses around the world will continue experience great loss until Match 27th when weather of all countries of the world is expected to get warmer for corona virus.

6. On or before end of first week of April, Corona virus will be out of news headlines and businesses will become normal again.

Therefore kindly wash your hands regularly with soap and warm water, use hand sanitizer and avoid public places and gathering. May God see us through this pandemic soon, till then stay home and stay safe!

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