[Podcast] Download #WeeklyBuzzPodcast – CELEBRITY GUEST EDITION “Terry tha Rapman” (@iamlord_tr) by @pocradio

[Podcast] Download #WeeklyBuzzPodcast – CELEBRITY GUEST EDITION “Terry tha Rapman” (@iamlord_tr) by @pocradio
30/10/2016 No Comments Entertainment Megamind


The Weekly Buzz Podcast brought to you by Playedoncampus Radio is here
again with another engaging episode filled with infotainment. This is
their first CELEBRITY GUEST EDITION and it features an extensive
interview with BANS NATION’s general Terry tha Rapman. Continue after the slice…

On this episode Terry tha Rapman highlight’s his career as it is, his

thoughts about the industry, as well as his perceptions on the keys to

success as a creative artist.

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