PERSISTENCE by @ibreathemagic.


“Interesting, you like me because you think I am preety, so it wouldn’t be wrong if I happen to like you for your flashy car?” she nodded towards my red

Well… she leaned beack on her chair her eyes still on me with a smug smirk on her face, she seem to be enjoying my discomfort. I know what she is trying to do, and I am not leaving even though she is kind of intimidating me. Continue after the slice…

I am listening, she cajoled with a mischievious look in her eyes. I shifted uncomfortably in my car.

I guess its only fair. She looked taken aback as if she excepted a different reply, I flashed her a bright smile. She should know she will not get rid of me so easily, not after all I have endured, adding ridiculous amount of salt in my tea or her annoying eating habits which I know is part of her plan to turn me off.

Good to know because I love flashy cars. I think I will enjoy wrecking yours if you ever cheat on me.

I grimaced and she grinned. So are we like an item now

She raised an eyebrow, let’s not move into the realm of science fiction. Come on my dad is waiting for you inside. He will be proud of me considering the fact that you are still here. You really must like the concept of an early grave.’

And like the fool I am, I still followed her inside, she will be the death of me one day, that am sure of.

Author: @ibreathemagic.

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  1. Pea brain you’re getting there….

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