Minds Signature [Media Consultancy]

Minds Signature [Media Consultancy]
17/07/2019 1 Comment Entertainment Megamind

#Getinvolved with Minds signature is a media and business Consultancy which Brand and package events beyond norm.

Our main Aim is to speak your mind through creative
visual and we are open to positive representation in and out of media, that is, reaching out to Nigerians in a positive way.
Our services are:

1.video Documentary been it a political story,
wedding documentary, career documentary, anniversary,
Business advert, etc

2.We make your event trend by working with
some TV stations and online and bloggers across the country.

3.complete professional photography at your event.

4. Event video coverage.

5.Red-carpet interview from strobes TV

6. Strong Social media promotion Etc
We are holding a yearly contest Named, Face of minds signature in which will enable us to pick a brand ambassador who will represent the brand anywhere around the world

IG @mindssignature4u
Facebook: Minds Signature
Gmail: Mindssignature4u@gmail.com

Megamind An entrepreneur, simple enthusiast, travelling is me, loves nature and enjoys every moment shared with difference. "Life takes different turns like a coin, and that's what I enjoy about being Human".
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