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Music is profoundly powerful. Music can get you excited, swaying your
hips to that sweet melody or breaking a sweat with adrenaline rush as
the beat reaches ab frenzy. Music can get you stimulated, your heart
pounding or thinking of that special someone. Music can move you to
tears or lull you to sleep. Music can create nostalgia and help you
live in the moment. Music can make you fall in love with a movie
(shout out to Grey’s Anatomy and the lovely song choices on that
show). continue after this slice…

Now, if music can move such big mountains, how much of its power do
you and I really understand? I believe I am a patriot and love all
that is proudly Naija but abeg! the musical output has been nothing
short of disappointing recently. Too many artistes that have no
business singing are singing (I refuse to name names) and wielding the
power they have for what?

It is just like having the superpower of telekinesis (which I think
rocks!) and rather than moving stuff like a wrecked train off the
tracks for an oncoming train to make it through safely, you are doing
tricks like a making a balloon float at a 5 year Old’s birthday party,
for little or no pay! Such a waste, right? I hope you get the picture

More so, not only is there a wastage of the mind-blowing power music
possesses, there seems to be inadequate understanding of music itself.
For example, I was watching the Voice Nigeria a while back and I saw
Patoranking as a judge. I like the show and appreciate what they are
trying to do and I do not have a personal vendetta against Patoranking
or know exactly what criteria were used in putting him on the team,
but with the kind of music he makes, it is impossible to believe he
would make a good musical coach except there is a side to his music
that we have not yet seen, to which end I think it’s a shame.

Someone once told me that while seeking out a platform for people to
hear you, make sure you have a message first. Musicians really need to
go back to the basics, learn what music is about both in its essence
and power and for those that call themselves entertainers rather than
musicians, I applaud them because at least they know the difference.

Please feel free to tell me your thoughts on this topic. Thanks.

Written by AngelaUmoru

Megamind An entrepreneur, simple enthusiast, travelling is me, loves nature and enjoys every moment shared with difference. "Life takes different turns like a coin, and that's what I enjoy about being Human".

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