Meeting Ushbebe Changed My Life – Timi Balogun

Meeting Ushbebe Changed My Life – Timi Balogun
17/12/2018 No Comments Article,Entertainment Megamind

Popular social media influencer and Digital media strategist, Timi Balogun, in a recent interview was asked what brought about the media career and his response was simply touching.

“I was dumped by someone I really love but I didn’t allow that get to me and make me a loser, I jumped on my feet and ventured into media with no money at hand or in my account, but God has been faithful.

He went ahead to say, “Meeting Ushbebe was the beginning of something extra ordinary in his life, he has been a mentor and a good boss.

“My advice to the youths is you don’t need your parents to help you have a better future, have a goal & design you own dream and make it a reality,” he said. Source 

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