Love on Birthday [poem]

Love on Birthday [poem]
11/06/2016 No Comments Entertainment Megamind



It’s your birthday

But I’m the lucky girl

Who got to be with you for this year

It’s your birthday, and the older you get, the more wonder you become..continue after this slice…

It’s your birthday, and I’m privileged to share this year with you

It’s your birthday

And each year, I find the depth of my love for you growing

It’s your birthday, and I look forward with joy to each day we spend together

It’s your birthday, and I wonder how I got along for this day to come

I didn’t know you but

It’s your birthday, and its amazing

How easy and enjoyable it is to be with you each day

It’s your birthday, and no matter what faith has in store for us

I know it will be pleasure to spend life with you

It’s your birthday, but I got the gift

You in my life as I adore every moment

For the rest of my life.

Megamind An entrepreneur, simple enthusiast, travelling is me, loves nature and enjoys every moment shared with difference. "Life takes different turns like a coin, and that's what I enjoy about being Human".

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