Life and Ornaments By AB Photos [Photographs]

Life and Ornaments By AB Photos [Photographs]
13/07/2019 No Comments Entertainment,Menu,Menu Megamind

Justrendy Entertainment had an encounter with a fast growing Photographer on our New Program tagged “GET INVOLVED” where we get talents & entrepreneurs  featured on our platform for promotions, recommendation and assertions of great minds to our overwhelming audience. Here is what he has to say:

I am Adamu Abba Musa, from Borno State. I was born in Damaturu and had most of my childhood experiences there. I am a graduate of Mass communication from ABU Zaria.
As a child, i’ve always loved fine arts because of how much beautiful drawings fascinate me. I was a good artist and had very good drawings.

It was a hobby or better still a passion, and in spite of having poor performance in my early primary school days, i was outstanding in fine arts. I can’t remember when exactly my love for photography began. But i believe my love for fine arts transformed into this passion. As a junior secondary school student, i had borrowed my friends camera, and bought film which i use to take personal photographs. And today, i am happy of the person i am becoming. Though not yet on the limelight, i have some beautiful photos in my collection. I aspire to be one of the best photographers in the world.

Megamind An entrepreneur, simple enthusiast, travelling is me, loves nature and enjoys every moment shared with difference. "Life takes different turns like a coin, and that's what I enjoy about being Human".

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