JusTrendy’s Exclusive Chat with Rulerzone

JusTrendy’s Exclusive Chat with Rulerzone
31/08/2017 No Comments Entertainment,Menu Megamind

As you already know, we are the “trend setter” and this is yet another spectacular Online chat with  IT’s ALRIGHT‘s Crooner LILSteve , isn’t it cool when you know more about the artists you love, yeah! that’s what you are about to experience. in fact lets’s just get started already.

Presenter: Good Day and welcome to our online edition of celebrity interview ( CelebritySpot ) where you get exclusive gist and most especially familiarize with your favorite  celebrities, and today we have online Lil Steve (@rulerzone) welcome to the show.  

Lil Steve: Good day and thank you for having me.

Presenter: okay to start with,  what your real name aside Lil steve that everybody knows you as ?

LILSTEVE: well my name is Stephen Osaigbovo.

Presenter: you were recently signed to an Canadian Record label, where do you hail from?

LILSTEVE: I am Edo state, Nigeria.

Presenter: What was growing up like.?

LILSTEVE: Growing up was awesome.

Presenter: How did you start music?

LILSTEVE: It all started when I started listening to Lilwayne from then the remaining is history.

Presenter: what are the Projects done before the signing?

LILSTEVE: a couple of songs and a video before I got signed

Presenter: How do you find your deal with LuckyRecords?

LILSTEVE: I find it as a great deal ahead for better opportunity.

Getting interesting yeah? more gist after the slide…


Presenter: who is your favorite Nigerian music star?

LILSTEVE: Ain’t gat no favorite star am your fan as long as you bringing hits.

Presenter: am sure  you know about this, What is your take on the wizkid and davido debate?

LILSTEVE: What I have to say is both are successful and good artist they both make good sounds I leave my comment no comparison.

Presenter: What are your Plans for the Industry?

LILSTEVE: Making better hits that fans will appreciate.

Presenter: Which international star would you feature if you could?

LILSTEVE: wouldn’t even think twice, Lilwayne.

Presenter: What other thing do you do aside music?

LILSTEVE: I play tennis (bet some of you don’t know that)

Presenter: If not music what would you be doing?

LILSTEVE: I be praying for a good job.

Presenter: Which of your song is your favorite?


Presenter: your favorite food will be?

LILSTEVE: well I like Fried Rice.

Presenter: What are your aspirations?

LILSTEVE: My aspiration is to become more successful than I ever expected.

Presenter: Who would you love to work with in the industry and do we see a big name collaboration soon?

LILSTEVE: I would love to work with Wandecoal and yes there will be a big collaboration soon.

Presenter: After couple of tracks,  would we be seeing any video soon?

LILSTEVE: Yes pretty soon.

Presenter: Message to your fans and how they can reach you?

LILSTEVE: Don’t kill your vibe cause no one is chasing you do what you love doing and make it a perfection.  Fans can reach me on it @rulerzone same applies to Twitter and my fb page.

Presenter: And there you have it, wonderful chat out here with lil steve (@rulerzone), hoping to have you again soon, and to you out there thank you for your time, i remain your host @_thisismeenah follow us for more updates on @_justrendy on IG. Bye for now.

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