Google launch Driverless Car

Google launch Driverless Car
29/05/2014 No Comments Trendy Tech Megamind

google's driverless carGoogle has announced its newly designed self-driving cars, which will drive people around without a steering, wheel or pedals.
The latest project from Google X, the company’s skunk works group headed by Google co-founder Sergey Brin. more after the cut…
The newly made car is designed to fit two people in it with no driver driving it “driverless” but will be driven entirely by computer.

The car will be using a variety of on-board computers and sensors has announced by Brin at the Recode conference.inside of d car
Brin Continued Saying the program is currently in a prototype phase, “The reason I’m super excited about these prototypes is the ability to change the world and the community around you,”google.
google's driverless car2
But that it plans to build around 100 early versions of the vehicles for testing this summer, and as a matter of fact, this program is developed to reduce the number of death toll caused by car accident in America, Google believes the rate could be reduced by as much as 90 percent using a technology that can sense and react to things faster than humans.

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