[Download] K.F.P (Kung Fu Panda) Desiigner Cover by AB1.mp3

[Download] K.F.P (Kung Fu Panda) Desiigner Cover by AB1.mp3
01/12/2016 No Comments Entertainment Megamind


Ahaa!! Another mad one’s just arrived from tha Raptomaniac crooner! Since the Panda season is far from over, the beast himself is not gonna be left awtt of d craze in doing covers for desiigner’s number 1 single. Delivering scintillating and amazing wordplays and going up speeds as fast as 10-20 syllables per seconds on the track as well as producing, mixing and mastering it all by himself , haaa! Oboy no b beans oh, Tap the download link below and see what AB1 (Twitter| Instagram:@aybeewon) can do on a Panda instrumental, it’s a sure bet that this would be the best Panda Cover you’d ever hear.


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