Download ALAWEE by Binibi.mp3

Download ALAWEE by Binibi.mp3
01/10/2016 No Comments Entertainment Megamind


Olabanji Olusegun popularly known as ‘Binibi’ is a Versatile rapper and singer currently serving his fatherland through the mandatory NYSC scheme. He comes up with this highly inspirational jam which he called ‘Alawee’ for Prospective corps members (PCM), Corps members and any individual that’s in one way or the other associated with the NYSC (Nigeria Youth Street Corps) scheme !! Surebet to blow your mind  Enjoy.


More after the slice….

#Comouflage bandana signifies a true Combat corp member)

#Suite Case signifies Nonstop Alawee (hopefully)

#NYSC crested vest signifies service and humility as long as alawee keeps rolling in.


#Khaki trouser signifies a thoroughbred corper (don’t ask me what that means)

#One leg white sneaker signifies peace but always ready for war

#One leg jungle boot means that a combat corper don’t need to eat burger even in the jungle he ll survive like a thorougbred soldier #Na joke he dey joke Ooo….he needs loads and loads of burger and shawarma.

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