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Did you know
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Dolphin  Dolphins sleeps with one eye closed.

  •  There are 36 different species of dolphins where 32 are known to be marine dolphins and the remaining 4 are said to be river dolphins, each and every dolphin has 100 teeth which they don’t use for biting or crushing preys (little fish) but only use them to catch them to swallow, they consume up to 30 pounds of fish within 24hours.
  •   This aquatic mammals are very intelligent, curious as well as entertaining (because they leap out of water for about 25 seconds to get air at different intervals within 30minutes.
  •   Most of the species of dolphins live in saltwater but there are some that are able to do well in the freshwater locations. They are mainly found in the freshwater of the Amazon River. They are easily seen by humans as they tend to stick to the swallow locations of the water. more cool stuff after this cut…


      •   It is amazing the difference in size of the various species of dolphins. The larger ones can weigh about 11 tons and be close to 30 feet long. The smaller ones are about 90 pounds and 4 feet long. Between those two spectrums you will find all weights and lengths. The species as well as their location play a huge role in their overall size.
      • The body of a dolphin is designed to help them move through the water quickly and without exerting huge amounts of energy. They rely on their pectoral fins and the fluke (tail) to help them navigate through the water.

You can go out for leisure, where you can find dolphin to see their wonderful world…..MORE

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