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“Oh my God! I look Like an old turtle.” She cried as she snatched the picture away from her friend’s hand. They were going through old pictures, reminiscing some days ,well its just her mostly ,her friend was making fun of them.

“Do you remember this ?” Dalilah asked ,showing her a pic of them in their undergraduate years, about two years ago. Continue after the slice…

“Oh yes,I remember well. We were coming back from afternoon lectures and  Jenny forced us to snap a picture ,despite the fact that we looked like trolls.”  She however didn’t mention that ,that was the day she found out that Dalilah was cheating on her with her boyfriend. She never let them know she knew ,not even when she broke up with him. When her friends pressured her to tell them why she did that,she claimed that she had the feeling the relationship is not going anywhere . that came as a surprise because everyone knew how much she loved him.

She had waited for Dalilah to confess but she never did. She also didn’t tell her what she was planning to do in her rehearsal dinner next week. She simply smiled ,the kind of smile that hid everything.

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