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11/11/2019 Article,Entertainment Megamind

  15 tips to keeping a lasting relationship By: Abba Adamu Wida Humans have strong emotional desire to love and be loved. This desire is one that has motivated many to go into relationships with the opposite sex. It is not something to be ashamed of. Love was created by the supreme creator. So, it

Meeting Ushbebe Changed My Life – Timi Balogun
17/12/2018 Article,Entertainment Megamind

Popular social media influencer and Digital media strategist, Timi Balogun, in a recent interview was asked what brought about the media career and his response was simply touching. “I was dumped by someone I really love but I didn’t allow that get to me and make me a loser, I jumped on my feet and

Faith Janice [profiling]
19/02/2018 Article,Entertainment,Music Megamind

She the Vocalist Nigeria and the world at large should Watch Out for. Faith Janice is a Lady  who has always been a Music lover, she started writing songs at the age of 10, listening to the likes of Beyonce , Brandy among others. She believes her kind of music will soon be embraced in Nigeria

Happy Valentine’s day
14/02/2018 Article,Entertainment Megamind

A happy valentine to our wonderful readers, well a lot of controversial discuss on whether or not Valentine should be celebrated lets discuss in the comment session.

Cupid Love 2.0 [Event]
03/02/2018 Article,Entertainment,Fashion and Style,Music,Others Megamind

Cupid Love is here again, an event that expresses emotion in an extraordinary dimension.

Who is Shatta mufassa? [Profiling]
11/01/2018 Article,Entertainment Megamind

I am Ayuba Yakubu, stage name “Shatta mufassa“. Hails  from Gombe state Nigeria, I got the name shatta from my favorite kalangu musician well known in the northern Nigeria as mamman Shatta and mufassa

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18/04/2015 About us,Advertisement,Article,BOOKS,Entertainment,Fashion and Style,Menu,Menu,Music,News,Others,Trendy Tech,Videos Megamind

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Did you know
26/09/2013 Article,Others Megamind

   Dolphins sleeps with one eye closed. There are 36 different species of dolphins where 32 are known to be marine dolphins and the remaining 4 are said to be river dolphins, each and every dolphin has 100 teeth which they don’t use for biting or crushing preys (little fish) but only use them to

Image 20/06/2013 Article,Others Megamind

WHAT IS A FRUIT?      A fruit is a part of plant derives from particular tissues of the flower with one or more ovaries, it consists of a pit or seed and has a fleshy part which can be eaten has food, in fact, humans and many animals have become dependent on fruits as a