Breaking News: Panic as Inferno engulf popular plaza In Abuja

Breaking News: Panic as Inferno engulf popular plaza In Abuja
21/12/2018 No Comments Menu,News Megamind

As at around 1: 25 in the early hours of today, there was a fire outbreak at Sheriff Plaza in Abuja,

According to the report, the blaze broke out in the cluster of wires on the 2nd floor that affected rooms on third floor. Though there was no report of of injuries or loss of life but goods (estimate yet unknown as at the time the report is been compiled) was lost to the inferno.

as an eye witness what baffles me is about our individual response to emergency in this country, it happened that while the fire was at minimal rate there were people around to cub the escalation of the fire but people were busy filming the incident  without making effort to at least call the emergency unit or the fire service. after a while I had to call their customer service and the response was swift. I employ people to do what is right, “let’s think of what we can do for the government not what government can do for us”

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