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One person whose opinion you esteem above a great many people; one
person who knows you as well as you know yourself; one who you walk
through life with; one person who you are assured always has your back
and the one person who seems to know your every move. They get angry
at you when you do not share certain information with them. They
believe and are sure they somewhat have a right to demand certain
things of you by virtue of your relationship and you seem to have no
right to question their interest in your ‘business’ because frankly,
you believe you have that same right over them too! Such is the life
of a best friend. Continue after the slice….

They say life is all about sharing. In fact Nigerians, I have found,
have a notion that when you share a meal you most likely get satisfied
faster than if you ate alone. If you have a bad day, chances are you
would want to share it with someone and even when something good
happens, ecstasy leads you to bubble over and want to spill every
detail. We all cannot keep within bounds the vagaries of our emotions.
They are like changing tides that never remain constant and always
deposit something on the shores. What they deposit are the tidbits of
life that we want to share.

So, these big, small, amazing or interesting things we want to share
cannot be shared with everyone. If you are wise you vet who gets to
partake of this privilege. Here arises the question of the best
friend. Having a best friend means a level of responsibility to each
other. For instance, I can’t have a new gadget and my best friend
doesn’t know about it. There is a level of accountability and
expectation of being involved in that person’s life; it is an exchange

Take a peek at a young woman’s life; Ela does not believe in having a
best friend. She says, “Of course it is important to share but I look
at it and all I see is being boxed in and tied to someone. I
appreciate solid friendship and have very close friends but I have
never had a best friend and I don’t think I ever will.” When asked the
reason for her adamant position she commented, “I like my privacy and
I don’t want to ever feel like I owe anyone an explanation for what I
do. Also, I find that at times it is easier and faster to get ahead on
my own rather than when you have a best friend, the person might draw
you back sometimes.”

Is it then possible to strike a balance between safeguarding your
privacy and having a best friend? Of course not, so before you take a
leap at labelling anyone your best friend, be ready to take
responsibility and be open with them all the way.

Written  By : Angela

Megamind An entrepreneur, simple enthusiast, travelling is me, loves nature and enjoys every moment shared with difference. "Life takes different turns like a coin, and that's what I enjoy about being Human".
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