Anticipate ProjectX Night Light Party

Anticipate ProjectX Night Light Party
17/07/2016 No Comments Entertainment Megamind


Project x is more than just a crew,its family, it’s a movement. Started out with just a couple of cool guys nd beautiful ladies dah love to chill and get their groove on, they hosted a couple of lowkey themed house parties like “360° ,Octagon200” just to name o few, and also hosted pool side chilling which always turned out great. Project X the
movement started after they hosted their last house party which was tagged “Project X” and it turned out to be one of the best party ever. Continue After the slice…Word got out to the street about how dope our party was, and so based on popular demand we collectively decided to make it a movement, and since word on the street was Project X ,we decided to name the movement “PROJECT X”. Now the crew is made up of entertainers from musical artist,dancers, producers models and the likes of them,with our aim centered on Entertainment, promoting our art and sharing it with the world. We are going to be hosting shows, parties, fashion events and lots more. So just watch out be ready to get your minds blown, starting from our first party coming up on the 29th of july 2016,we’ll show you guys how to have real fun. #PROJECT_X The Movement.

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